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What We Do

Call Center Services

We’re not your run-of-the-mill, churn and burn call center agent factory.

We’re specialized and determined performance achievers.

Regular call center agents get the job done. KamelMedia warriors supercharge your KPI’s to the stratosphere with pure ambition.

Web Development Services

Software doesn’t create itself. By hiring the wrong agency you risk setting your company back financially and timewise, finding yourself in a deficit from when you began.

Using proven developers ensures you start, continue and finish without missing a beat.

Kamel only partners with the best devs worldwide, capable of developing your dreams faster than you can imagine them.

Content Creation Services

Content publication is KING on the web. Without content, you have no voice.

Without a voice, you can’t speak and therefore can’t attract folks to your property.

Kamel not only breathes a vibrant voice throughout your company and your audience but also develops content maps that tell you exactly what to expect in your content forecast for years to come.

Global Payroll & HR Services

You have a team already, great!

Paying overseas staff that you’re not sure should be a part of your company can create apprehension from enjoying the benefit of hiring overseas altogether.

Augmented staff is a double-edged sword and Kamel is glad to shoulder the sharp end of the blade by handling all your payroll and HR needs.

You have more important things to think about anyway!

Virtual Assistance

Yikes! Things are piling up and your mind is becoming cluttered with the ugly “small things” that inevitably come along with all successful ventures.

What do you do? Continue to focus on little distractions, or step up and focus on what’s going to propel you forward?

That’s where KamelMedia VA’s come to the rescue!

Let us sweep those miscellaneous tasks up, so you can live up to your personal expectations!

Custom Projects

Not everything is defined within borders and boxes, if you’re thinking outside the box and need a reliable company to help you structure your passion into an innovative framework we’re always up to the challenge!

We pride ourselves as warriors who’re able to adapt and execute exceptionally well in any situation.

You get our full attention and expertise to build your custom dream into reality.

We thrive on meeting new challenges.


Professional BPO Services & Technology Consulting

KamelMedia innovates its own technologies and applies its experience to companies seeking partners to not only meet the status quo but excellerate your creations to fruition through next level, hands-on consultation.

We Create Fully Connected Teams So You Can Focus On Your Business

We hire, train, pay, manage and optimize teams to performance levels beyond comprehension, so you don’t have to. Work with us, and let us take a chunk out of your pain away so you can rest easy and focus on actual business rather than fiddling around with the basics that we’ve mastered.

Get Started

Your Success in Five Steps.

We have a five-step, proven process to give you an overview of what it’s like to work with Kamel.

We’re very hands-on which is what our partners love.

We work together and also guide you through the steps of success!

It’s always a fun and invigorating experience Kamel looks forward to in working with new partners!

1. Get to Know Us

We get on a call and get in line with your vision.

2. Recruit

The perfect applicants are then onboarded.

3. Perfect the Basics

Once you start the goal is to get everything perfect.

4. Optimize

Now we build upon what’s been built and make it better.

5. Scale

Booyah! Success has been achived. Now it’s time to scale, along with allotted price breaks!

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