Should You Invest in Live Chat or Chatbot for Your Business?

Should You Invest in Live Chat or Chatbot for Your Business?

Should You Invest in Live Chat or Chatbot for Your Business?

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Now more than ever, companies are aware of the importance of good customer experience to their longevity and success. With this, it only makes sense that they have a reliable customer service team to help them with the influx of concerns and complaints. In a traditional setup, this customer service team pertains to a group tasked to attend to the clients via email, calls, social media platforms, or websites.

But as the landscape evolved and quick conversational marketing was defined to make or break businesses, live chat support became more popular. Chatbots utilizing artificial intelligence was also developed, and became another popular tool in creating a seamless customer experience.

All companies are driven by their goal to be present whenever customers need help, so it’s just a matter of choosing the right solution for your business.

If you are having trouble deciding between live chat support or chatbot, come check the advantages and disadvantages of each!

What is the difference between Live Chat Support and Chatbot? 


Before we explain all the pros and cons, let’s first start with a basic question that probably already crossed your mind. What’s the difference between live chat support and chatbot? 

Live chat support is communication solution used by customer service teams to make sure visitors get real-time and instant help from agents. Whether it’s help navigating a site, booking a particular service, complaining about an error in payment, checking the status of their delivery, confirming a business’ ongoing promotions and so much more, live chat support can definitely make a customer’s life so much easier. This is useful during situations that need personal or human intervention. 

On the other hand, chatbot helps automate simple tasks, and can run without the need of human intervention, or at least to a certain extent. Some chatbots are powered by artificial intelligence, utilizing both machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) technology. There are also rule-based chatbots that could hold conversations with customers based on pre-defined flows. Normally, different conversation scenarios will be mapped out, and the chatbot will just display the right message depending on the trigger provided by the customer. 

Live chat support and chatbot are both valuable solutions utilized by businesses to improve customer satisfaction and experience. However, do you know which one is right for you?

Let’s get to the pros and cons! 


Comparing the two communications solutions 


Live Chat Support Advantages


Helps build better customer relationships 

Compared with talking to a human agent, you can’t really hold a normal conversation with a customer service bot (unless we’ve reached that level of technological advancement for it to be used commercially). This is because nothing can replace human interaction. The caller will be happier having someone “real” to talk to, instead of hearing pre-recorded options. Live chat support is better if we’re talking about building or even maintaining good customer relationships. 


It is a way to give personalized assistance

Sometimes, customers would bring up requests outside of their original concern. A live chat agent can take action and provide relevant help or recommendations easily without the need for the customer to go back to the “Menu” and hear all options. This translates to better experience and effective problem solving, especially because the live chat agents’ capabilities are not limited to the predefined flows. 


The setup is pretty easy 

Embedding the chat widget in your website is the first step of building a live chat support team. After that, you need is a trained person or team to attend to the customers daily, guided with a script or manual for various concerns. 


It is a gold mine for customer insights 

Live chat support can also be utilized to learn about the company’s strengths and weaknesses. What’s so good about the products or services? Is there something that they need to improve? Customers won’t hold back in sharing their honest thoughts and opinions with the agent during their interaction. Use this to know the existing pain points, and strategize on a better customer experience.  


Live Chat Support Disadvantages


It takes time for a live chat agent to attend to a customer 

If you compare the speed of a live chat agent to a computer, then the former would definitely have some limitations. They are attending to customers vith various issues, and you need to take into account that it’s personalized assistance. Depending also on the complexity of request, and the individual agent’s efficiency, it might take longer than expected. If another customer gets tired of waiting, then that may mean bad business. 


Some live chat agents are only available during certain hours 

This is not a 24/7 support offered to customers, unless the business decides to outsource this work to a place with different time zone (for example: outsourcing live chat work to the Philippines). If the business follows their regular working hours, expect that there is a cut off and the customers may experience trouble just reaching a live chat agent. 


Live chat support is costly

This communications solution requires human interaction. To the business, it means having a solid team who can provide expert assistance to the customers. Just remember that costs accompanies the growing headcount. 


Human mistakes are unavoidable

Live chat support can be prone to errors, and it’s because humans are more likely to make mistakes than the machine. 

Now, let’s move on to the chatbot, shall we? 



Chatbot Advantages 


Human involvement can be kept to a minimum and the task will still be completed 

Even without human intervention, inquiries will still be processed because it will depend on machine learning or pre-defined flows when dealing with customers. 


24/7 support and faster wait time

Does this sound good to you? Of course! The customers won’t have to wait too long to get a feedback because the bot already has a saved reply a message. With this, all interactions are straightforward, and more chats will be answered due to the faster wait time. 


Teams can focus on more important tasks

Can you believe that a good amount of time is actually spent on customer service? Businesses know that it can make or break their success. If there was a way to make things easier, why not take it, right? You can free up your teams’ time and have them work on more strategic tasks by leaving repetitive tasks or complaint handling to the bot! As long as proper automation features are in place, you don’t need to worry too much!


Customer journey improvement 

A smoother and a quicker journey would increase total satisfaction for both the business and the customer. Call it a win-win! 


Costs are lower 

The cost to set-up a chatbot may seem expensive, but if it’s going to be used in the long run, you’ll find that it will actually save your business a lot of money! 


Chatbot Disadvantages 


There’s no human touch

The chatbot is a sophisticated solution powered by technology, and there is no human touch involved. Since some customers are easily irritated or turned off when engaging with a bot, then you need to regularly monitor the quality of the interactions. 


Flexibility is limited 

Sure, chatbots would work on various scenarios, but in the event that it is unable to keep up with a customer request, then the whole journey might be reset, and would lead to frustration and low satisfaction. Compared to having a live chat agent who can provide personalized assistance, customers would have to settle for what is programmed in the company’s chatbot. This may also mean lost opportunities for cross-sell or upsell of products and services. 


Redesign and maintenance would mean more expenses

If you failed to set up the chatbot properly during its launch and missed important details, then you might have to work on redesign and cash out again. It also depends on the chatbot partner if you have the flexibility and permission to still make revisions once a certain setup is already live.



When should you use live chat support and chatbot? 

Now that you know the advantages and limitations of each solution, it’s time to assess which one is perfect for your business! While some people would just say “just adopt a hybrid model!”, don’t settle right away!

It’s equally important to learn when you should execute the certain solution for maximum efficiency. 


Use live chat support if… 


You are pushing for sales 

Live chat agents can nudge customers down the sales funnel because the chatbot may sound robotic, or may be too soft for selling. Go snag that cross-sell and upsell opportunity with your agents! 


You value strong customer relationships 

It’s no surprise that humans prefer genuine connection, and it holds even for businesses. If you want to retain happy customers and give them personalized assistance, then having a live chat agent is the way to go! They can solve complex issues without being limited by pre-defined flows. 


Use chatbot if…


You want to be present 24/7

Nothing is more expensive that a missed opportunity, so some businesses really make it a point to be available to customers 24/7. A chatbot can cover an employee’s outside working hours, and there’s no additional cost other than what you shelled out for its set up! Unlimited conversations will run simultaneously and it doesn’t need any sort of human intervention. 


Your customers repeatedly ask the same question

Do you just need a solution to give an automated response based on the frequently asked questions? Chatbots can save your day and offer greater efficiency! Live chat agents are normally better for complex questions, but if it’s just about simple customer queries, you can settle for a chatbot! 


But wait, you can also use a hybrid model…

Perhaps your mind is already set on using one solution, but at the end of the day, live chat support and chatbot are complementary tools that would bring customer service experience to whole new level. You can combine the best of both worlds by using automation (chatbot) to hold simple conversations, and using live chat support to resolve complex concerns and provide human touch. 

If you are also taking into account 24/7 support, then you might be interested to learn more about outsourcing a capable and competent live chat customer support team to the Philippines! 

Send us a message to learn more. 

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Watch Out for These Call Center Mistakes to Deliver the Best Customer Experience

Watch Out for These Call Center Mistakes to Deliver the Best Customer Experience

Watch Out for These Call Center Mistakes to Deliver the Best Customer Experience

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Acquiring a new customer is more expensive than retaining one. With this, it is important to nurture the relationship with all your clients since they hold the key to your business’ success. You can do so by making sure they have the best experience not just during the actual purchase of the product or service, but even after that.

You might have a call center team work on various complaints, inquiries, and other concerns from your customers, but are you satisfied with the way they handle things? Be sure to check their performance from time to time and avoid these common mistakes for the best customer experience.

Directing the client or customer to your website or social media platforms 

There’s a reason why a client chose to call your hotline, and not just browse the website in the hope of some answers! They need immediate solutions, and they know they would get that when they speak to a call center agent who is ready to help. If you tell customers to simply head to the website, then you’re making a big mistake!

The key is to make the experience as smooth as possible. Since you’re already on the phone with them, it’s best to work on their issues right away! You can still use the websites or social media platforms to your advantage by letting them know that they can get more details, and be on the lookout for more announcements such as promotions (if applicable) there! The thing is – you just don’t want to give the impression that you’re not interested in helping your clients. 


Unbelievably long queues 

Having long queues is inevitable – every customer service team knows this. However, you still need to closely monitor the current call volumes so you can assess whether you need more people on your team to handle a certain account. You can’t just sit pretty while the problem gets worse, do you? 

Customers would lose interest, trust, and loyalty if they can’t even have a simple concern fixed. They are calling your company’s hotline because of an urgent matter. With this, there’s no reason for them to hold for over 30 minutes or try back at another time. Treat your clients like VIPs, and you’d be nurturing a relationship that would last a long time! 

The long queues are good indicators of your company’s current status too! Do you need to hire more agents to accommodate huge volumes on a peak season? Perhaps you can benefit from getting the help of on-call workers! 


Failing to show empathy 

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and think how frustrating it would be if someone you thought would help you solve your problem rudely speaks to you, or shrugs off your concern completely! If a call center agent gives off the “I don’t care” attitude, then there’s a good chance that the client would just stop patronizing the company. Worse, he or she would just decide to do business with another company.

It is best to educate the agents about the proper way to build rapport, show emotional support to the clients, and fix their issues as quickly as possible. One way to do that is to anticipate requests for different concerns too! 


Being redundant 

It is a protocol for agents to get the personal and other relevant details of the client during the call. However, it would be a mistake to repeatedly ask about it as it would mean that the representative was not paying attention, or the system is also inefficient. 

To help solve this problem, the company should have an application that their representatives can refer to when they need to check a particular customer. It should contain all the data so that they can focus on the issue at hand instead of frantically getting all the information they need. This leads to increased efficiency and overall satisfaction for both the client and the agent, as the process would be smoother, with the call not taking longer than it needs to. 



Failing to provide call recording or monitoring disclosure

You’ve probably already heard this several times, “This call is being recorded for quality assurance purposes…” 

This is because companies require their agents to record calls to ensure that they are giving the best customer service possible. Not only that but these calls are also used for educational purposes (as a reference for new joiners who are supposed to do the same task), and further identify the company’s areas of improvement without the whole “he said, she said” dilemma. 

The customer service team is then legally required to protect not just the customers, but also the company against risk. To avoid human mistakes or slip-ups, companies would benefit from investing in a system that automatically tells customers about the call recording or monitoring disclosure, and collects their consent right after. 


Not providing support

The clients are on the phone for one reason alone – to quickly get a resolution on a concern that’s been troubling them for a time. Whether it’s a status update for a requested service, refunds, repair issues, security inquiry, or any other matter, call center agents should focus on giving them what they came for. 

It is impossible for every agent to immediately solve all concerns, but they should at least clearly explain the process or manage the expectations of customers as they share updates. If the clients are supposed to make a follow-up after some time, closing the call with a helpful tone would also be good!


Providing inadequate training for new agents 

The company needs to identify how they can be more efficient with their tasks, and all the more if it’s linked to customer service. While it is important to have many agents available to pick up calls, give superb customer experience, and reduce the long queues, quality should never be compromised. This could be avoided by providing adequate and in-depth training for new joiners. 

When they are trained better, this reflects in their performance.


Handing the call to another agent

It could be really annoying for a customer to be passed onto another call center agent because of the possibility of going through the details you already shared with the first representative.

This might also give the impression of a longer call time, and give a bad light on the company’s level of competency. Your agents should all be trained to handle as many situations as possible to improve overall efficiency, and customer satisfaction. 



If you are looking to outsource reliable and goal-driven call center agents for your business, worry no more! We can provide you with a powerhouse team guaranteed to improve efficiency for your company.

All it takes is a simple message to get started. What are you waiting for?

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Improve Your Business Debt Collection Process With These 8 Steps

Improve Your Business Debt Collection Process With These 8 Steps

Improve Your Business Debt Collection Process With These 8 Steps

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Whether you are a company trying to manage collections from customers (B2C) or other businesses (B2B), you probably already know that not all can pay their bills on time. Sometimes, clients overlook the deadline due to numerous invoices during the same period, while others lack the funds they thought they’d have for your service.

This can be really risky because when clients don’t pay their invoices on time, your business would experience a gap in the cash flow; a gap in cash flow would mean you won’t have or have less cash for all the expenses!

Avoid this kind of dilemma by putting effective debt collection strategies in place. Here are some steps to improve the process:

1. Check the existing communication procedure 


Like in many other things, the adage “communication is key” also holds for debt collection. You need to clearly communicate to the client their upcoming invoice, and when they are already late for payment. You can’t just leave things as is and wait for everyone to pay you even when it’s past due. Remember, you are in a position where you need to efficiently manage cash flow and work towards achieving bigger profits. 

By bridging communication gaps, you will be able to improve the total process. How do you do that exactly? Here are some things to keep in mind: 

  • Ensure that the whole sales or operations team properly explains the whole process for credit terms when the customers are buying your products or services. Initial screening should be a standard procedure before proceeding with the sale. 
  • Make sure to send invoices through email or app (if applicable) 
  • Aside from regular sending of invoices, determine when you should follow up. Do you need to submit a brief email? That would work for some, but the other pressing debts may require phone calls. Make sure that there is an internal policy in place so your debt collections specialists could reach out to the clients when they are already late for a specific number of days. 

It is extremely important to enable better cooperation through constant and clear communication internally and externally. 


2. Make sure your team is preparing accounts receivable aging reports

While it is important to regularly reach out to and follow up with clients who owe you money, it is equally important to prioritize the people you need to start calling. 

If you have a complete accounts receivable aging report, then you can use that as a reference for your communications. Don’t just blindly make calls to all customers on your list. You might end up pissing off clients who pay on time and cause them to stop patronizing your business. Ensure maximum efficiency by having collection specialists prioritize the customers they need to call. 


3. Be as detailed as possible in your invoices 

In line with the first debt collection strategy about communication, you can avoid bad debts by making sure everything is clear with your clients. The non-paying customers may not be aware that payment is due within a certain number of days. For example, they might think that the 30-day payment applies for a product they availed, when it actually has a special arrangement that makes it due for only 20 days. 

Be sure your invoices are clear and keep slip-ups to a minimum. Complete it with below details: 

  • Itemized list of products or services availed from the company 
  • Invoice date 
  • Printed contact information of the creditor and debtor 
  • Unique invoice number 
  • Total invoice value 
  • Complete payment terms including available mode of payment, clear due date, and more 


4. Offer easy payment methods 

Consider making your clients’ lives easier by offering easy payment methods. This way, you are also getting rid of the associated delays that come with their debt. 

For instance, when you are sending payment reminders, are you including a clickable link a client can use? Do you have the complete account number of the specified bank so they can easily refer to it? Reduce the friction and it will be easier for your company and the client!


5. Invest in a reliable invoicing technology 

Are you generating invoices manually? While Excel is reliable, you can’t deny that that will definitely take some time! Ensure accuracy and efficiency by considering an invoicing technology that will not only complete invoices at a faster rate but also reduce different human errors. 

Different app options can track client interactions, and automate follow-ups! All you need to do is identify the right app for your business, and you’ll be set! 


6. Make sure you have the right contact person with whom you should file invoices

When it comes to B2B debts, it is highly important to get the updated and correct contact person to chase. Otherwise, you might go around in circles and end up getting frustrated. 

It is better to file an invoice with the client’s accounting department to make sure they process it on time. If you send it to your contact person, there is a risk of it getting delayed as they still need to forward it to the accounting department. Mark from Marketing isn’t exactly on top of all company’s billings. Right? 

Before closing a sale or service, make sure you finalize with whom you should file invoices. Additionally, know when you should follow up with that contact person with a friendly payment reminder, past due payment notice, final notice, direct customer contact, and a letter of demand. 


7. Show empathy

For all you know, your valued client may be going through a horrific and life-changing situation that caused them to miss payments. Show empathy during their rough time to nurture your relationship while making sure there is still a payment plan in place. 


8. Outsource debt collection services 

There are instances when the only solution left is to get the help of professional and reliable debt collection specialists from outside your team to ensure maximum efficiency. Sometimes, outsourcing is the key! 

Encourage timely debt payments by enlisting their help as they are skilled in giving top customer service support, and applying the right amount of pressure so clients would make good on their debt/s. They also avoid annoying and aggressive collection tactics such as harassment.  


Avoid risky overdue invoices!

Let the experts do the work today! Send us a message to learn more about our debt collection specialists.

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5 Ways Your Company Can Benefit From Outsourced Recruitment

5 Ways Your Company Can Benefit From Outsourced Recruitment

5 Ways Your Company Can Benefit From Outsourced Recruitment

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Companies are always on the lookout for quality talent. After all, it should come as no surprise that by investing a great deal of time and money in the right people, they could achieve long-term success. 

With a good team, they could improve overall performance and process, and ensure competitiveness in the harsh and fast-paced industry. Hence, it is important to make the most out of the marketplace and hire the best people. The question is: how? 

This is where recruitment outsourcing comes in! If you are considering getting top-notch assistance and help, you need to know all the details! 

Here are 5 ways your company can benefit from outsourced recruitment: 


1. Get access to top quality recruits 

The Human Resources team normally handles the hiring process of a company, but it can be a really daunting task when it’s a highly specialized position that needs to be filled in. You need to have someone who has an extensive understanding of the type of candidate that will excel in a particular role; especially when you are taking a look at overseas employment markets. 

Keep a high-quality workforce by outsourcing the recruitment process! Recruiters provide the best assistance as they have knowledge about specific industries, making them niche experts. Not to mention, they make sure that things are taken care of professionally! 


2. Save time and effort 

How can you say no to the idea of getting the best candidates while saving time and effort? Well, that’s exactly what an outsourced recruitment team can help you with! Your Human Resources team might already have their hands full with other tasks, and they need all the help they can get! 

While there is a crossover with their tasks, at the end of the day, HR will still focus on helping the new hire get set up, before eventually shifting to career growth and training-related deliverables. They will also make sure that the company’s employees are compliant with their standards. With these many responsibilities, they can’t possibly have that level of expertise when it comes to recruitment. They are always involved with their employees, but you can’t deny that there is a defined line between a HR partner, and a recruiter. 

Crafting the job description, sourcing, screening, and interviewing seems like a very simple or routine process, but it is actually very demanding. By leaving the job to the professionals, you can save lots of time focusing on other tasks. An experienced agency with quality recruiters can make all the difference in your organization. 



3. Reduce costs 

The global marketplace is full of quality talents that can help you achieve your business objectives. What if you could get them at a cheaper price? That sounds like a very good deal for company owners, don’t you think? 

You can enlist the help of external recruiters only when there is a need. Compare it to having a full-time employee, and you will see the significant amount of money that you can tag under savings. Plus, the recruiters can work hand in hand with your in-house team. This will ensure that the positions that you need to fill in are up to your standards! 

One of the biggest reasons why organizations outsource recruitment is to cut down costs. They know that they would save big on additional fees that typically go with recruiting such as online job placements, and even screening costs! 

Recruiters already have an established process in place, and this is because recruitment is their specific expertise. They also have specialized technology that you can take advantage of. Win-win! 


4. Enjoy flexibility in payments 

The recruitment industry offers different pricing models that will give you flexibility. Some agencies or individual recruiters can be paid per hire, for their time, or whenever there are milestones. Depending on your agreement and preferred option (short-term or long-term), then you can make sure everything is in order. 

This is hugely beneficial because you will be more efficient with your process! Simply put: you will have quality talent working for your company at a more cost-effective rate!


5. You’ll be leaving the job to professionals 

Efficiency, cost, and quality. 

While it sounds too good to be true, you will definitely enjoy these when you have a recruiter or a recruitment team find the best talent for specific positions! They don’t just look for potential candidates through various platforms. They also utilize their network of connections which you won’t typically enjoy from your inhouse HR.  

Professional recruiters can get the job done quick, and they will especially work like magic when foreign markets are involved. They make good hiring decisions, and this would be particularly helpful in reducing staff turnover. 



Finding the Right Recruiter 

You already know the benefits of having a recruiter. Is it always the right decision? The answer is no. Imagine if you suddenly face the need to hire too many positions, then a reasonable way to go is to probably have an in-house recruiter. Otherwise, it might cost you more. 

However, if you are ever in the position to get top-notch talent, then this is something you should consider. There are recruiters that offer contracts or short-term project outsourcing to make sure you do not overspend should your needs fall. 

Outsourced recruitment is not a one size fits all solution. There are different requirements per company, and there are also different strategies for each. A provider may take on the ownership of the entire recruitment process for one company, but have limited or a slightly different process for another. At the end of the day, they always take the time to assess the needs in order to get the best hire. 

You don’t have to struggle too much with recruiting. By outsourcing this specific task, you can ensure your company’s competitiveness while being more efficient with your process. In today’s age, companies should be smarter with their ways. The high demands in the industry and the seasonal fluctuations should all be taken into account, and this might be a lot of work for the inhouse team alone. 

If outsourcing recruitment is a defined solution in an organization’s resource strategy, then it’s time to take the next step! 

Learn more about this process by sending us a message.


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7 Things You Should Know About Content Moderation

7 Things You Should Know About Content Moderation

7 Things You Should Know About Content Moderation

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Content moderation refers to the practice of ensuring that all content posted or submitted by users complies with a company’s regulations, and is not illegal or inappropriate in any way. It is a common process across various online platforms that rely on user-generated content. This includes social media sites, forums, dating sites, communities, and other online marketplaces.

There’s more to content moderation than just clicking “Accept” on specific content. If you want to learn more about the whole practice, read up!

7 Things You Should Know About Content Moderation: 


This is crucial to maintain a company’s good online reputation

Everyone has something to say and share online, but with the freedom to speak, some people might see this as a way to start hate, abuse, and disinformation in content. It is only reasonable for companies to be heavy-handed in their responses. Why? They wouldn’t want someone breaking the good online reputation they worked so hard to achieve. Plus, it’s not just about them. 

There are always troublemakers out there who might not just be out to destroy the company, but also spread content that might be triggering or abusive to other users. Aside from protecting their reputation, they also have the responsibility to make sure the online spaces are safe, and will give all users peace of mind. 


Content moderators work hard to make the online world as safe as possible

No matter the industry, one thing is for sure: content moderators are truly commendable for taking on their task! They are responsible for filtering posts and comments online, and making sure those that are abusive, inappropriate, or irrelevant are not brought to light. 

Normally, they are given a pre-determined set of guidelines to identify which user-generated content are acceptable. 


Not all content moderation work is manual 

In this age of technological advancement, you can expect that there is a faster way to moderate content, albeit not always the best route for the business. 

Automated moderation refers to the process wherein user-generated content are accepted or approved for posting when it meets the platform’s specific rules and regulations. It is ideal for businesses who want content to be out there as fast as possible, or those who don’t have the bandwidth to have content manually checked by the team. With AI, content is analyzed almost instantly, but there is also a disadvantage to this. In reality, humans are still the best when it comes to reading, interpreting, and understanding data. It also helps that context and subjectivity matter a great deal. 

Manual content moderation partnered with automated moderation would be the best combination as it utilizes the technology’s ability to easily and quickly interpret content based on a pre-defined criteria, while giving humans the final judgment. This ensures that all content are up to the required standard. 


Content moderation can improve your company’s ways of working 

Think about it. The content moderators get to see all user-generated content, so they would know the audience’s sentiments. While they are tasked to maintain a safe space for businesses and enhance their online reputations, they can also use it as a way understand the customers’ pain points. After all, the online world is a good place to learn more about the customers’ interests and experiences. 

By carefully reviewing all submitted content, they would see which ones need to be escalated for being a true issue, and disregard those that are simply considered “unnecessary noise.” Once that information is compiled, the company can then strategize how to better their products and services and win more customers!


There are different types of content reviewed by moderators 

Did you think that content moderators only review photos? Well, no. Depending on the platform’s focus and the user’s submission, there may be different types of content to be screened by the moderators! 

The first one would be text. It is the simplest and easiest type that a user can submit. Content moderators need to look out for inappropriate words (hate, suggestive, abusive, etc.) before approving the post. It can also be tricky because some users would even go out of their way to hide an offensive word in a sequence of seemingly normal words.  

Another content analyzed by moderators is image. While this is easier to moderate compared to text due to its visual nature, the moderator still needs to take cultural differences or rules into consideration. 

Lastly, videos! You won’t be surprised if we say that videos are everywhere. This type is the hardest to moderate because the moderator needs to watch everything before they have it approved for posting. Add that to the fact that it may also carry the other types of content which are text and image, and is particularly time-consuming. 

Patience is the key when reviewing videos. 


Content moderation may make or break a company

Unregulated content may be a PR nightmare, or worse, the cause of a company’s downfall. Your customers are always talking, and uploading content at staggering rates. If you leave a damaging content unattended, you might just wake up to lots of harmful or illegal behavior shared through your platform. We’re not just talking about people spamming your comments section about ways to get rich, or inviting others to join contests. It’s about something more inappropriate and harmful, and you don’t want that, do you? 

 Make sure you do your part in vigilant moderation, while enhancing your customers’ overall experience. 


Content moderation is all about maintaining a safe and healthy online environment for all 

Some people may say that content moderation is a form of censorship. It’s not. The truth is, you can still practice your freedom to speak. Businesses just make sure it’s not encouraging hate, violence, deceit, or abuse. The platforms exist so you can interact with the business. If you need to raise a certain issue, you can still do so the right way. 

Content moderators only care about maintaining a safe and healthy online environment for all. 


Are you looking for experts to work on your content dilemmas? 

Worry not! You can outsource content moderation services to the Philippines so you can divert your time to growing your business! We can make sure that the team will protect your online spaces, while still encouraging customer engagement. 

Send us a message to learn more!

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Outsource Debt Collection Services to the Philippines

Outsource Debt Collection Services to the Philippines

Outsource Debt Collection Services to the Philippines

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Difficult-to-collect debts can bring real pain to business owners. The more it drags, the greater the risk! Hence, it’s important to have dedicated specialists who can engage and negotiate settlements with consumers with outstanding balances. These specialists are trained to collect various debts from personal, business, and student loans, to utility bills and credit cards.

The Philippines is a trusted country to outsource debt collection to because of its big contribution to customer service and BPO industry. The landscape has evolved from simple billing tasks outsourcing, and the country is now more involved with a wider variety of financial and professional services.

If you are looking to solve the debt collection problem for your business, worry no more! Our team is here to help you out.

Chasing people who have fallen behind on their bills


The term debt collector is pretty self-expanatory. These are people who are in the business of reaching out to individuals who haven’t paid their bills, and ensuring that they make good on their debts as soon as possible. 

If you’ve ever answered a phone call from a bank representative who came to remind you about that credit bill your forgot to settle, then that’s a debt collector! That’s just one example, because debt collectors are also present in various industries. They will call to remind you of the misses on payments for loans, mortgage, cellphone or utility bills, and more! Aside from calls, they will also contact you via mail to ensure that you don’t “run away” from your responsibility. 


What does a debt collector do? 

Debt collection is more than just calling someone to remind him or her of his unpaid balance, hanging up, and waiting for the payment. If you are looking to outsource debt collection services, then that team will be responsible for below activities: 

  • Verifying and monitoring business accounts and their outstanding debts
  • Reaching out to consumers about their overdue payments
  • Investigation of historical data for each unpaid balance
  • Encouraging timely debt payments 
  • Verifying customer credit issues
  • Monitoring business account records and updating status based on recent collection efforts
  • Processing of payments and/or endorsement to other relevant departments for customer queries
  • Providing a collection report or status to the company


Is a debt collector persistent? 


A debt collector has to be persistent to get the job done. However, we also know that there is a difference between persistence and abusive. Our team will make sure that when you outsource debt collection services to the Philippines, you do not have to worry about individuals who are out to violate consumer protection laws and abuse their role as collectors. 

There is a standard procedure to be followed when making a verification of the debt the consumer has been contacted about, including negotiation, and payment. Specialists in the Philippines will be trained to know your business inside out, so that they are also compliant with the company’s policies. They will still follow the process as they get on with their jobs. 

How do I outsource debt collection services? 

We are all about helping you achieve business success by making sure all customer debts are not just accounted for, but settled as well. 


1. Talk to us

We know that every business is unique. Thus, we need to understand what and how the business works to ensure debt collection services are to your satisfaction. Before we onboard a team of debt collectors or specialists, we will allot a specific period to accumulate knowledge about the company through training or an extensive orientation. This is so we can have everything covered before we proceed to the next step! 


2. Accounts Turnover

What are the existing loans and debts in your record? After data sharing agreements have been taken care of, then we can work on the accounts that our team needs to reach out to. Call scripts and email templates will be polished, and will be the reference of every debt collector who will speak to your customers. 


3. Calling customers to help settle balance and encourage timely debt payments 

Now that everything is available for the team, they can proceed with their main work to collect the debt for your business. We maintain a professional approach, with each specialist skilled in giving top customer service support. They also avoid annoying and aggressive collection tactics such as harassment. The debt collection services team know each consumer’s rights, and can apply just the right amount of pressure so they would make good on their debt/s.

What are the qualifications of a good debt collector?


There are no specific qualifications for debt collection specialists because there is no required course to be one. Usually, these people come from different backgrounds. They do have common denominators and strengths that are helpful for a collector.


Negotiation and conflict resolution skills

This is the top skill a debt collector should have because they will need to communicate with customers on a regular basis. These customers can also be hard-to-deal-with, so it’s necessary for them to be able to resolve conflicts well. 


Legal knowledge

A debt collector is not out to harass those who are late on their payments. He or she is there to remind and encourage settlements while being compliant of all laws and policies about collection. 


Avoid those overdue invoices for your business with competent and firm debt collection specialists dedicated to help you out! 


Outsourcing to the Philippines for debt collection can ensure that your business is running smoothly. Here are some of the benefits you can get from outsourcing to the Philippines: 

  • When you outsource debt collection services to the Philippines, then you will enjoy reduced operation costs by up to 70%. We are all about giving you the most cost-effective solution, and a high-powered capable of encouraging timely debt payments
  • Access to experienced specialists that also know how to provide top-notch customer support 

All it takes is a simple email or message then we can set you up! What are you waiting for? 

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List of Tasks You Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

List of Tasks You Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

List of Tasks You Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

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No man is an island, just like no business can run smoothly with only one person managing it. If you are trying to stay ahead of the competition, then you probably want to get a lot of things done. It helps to have a high-powered team who is capable of completing projects and has the vision to move toward the company’s overall goal. This includes a trustworthy assistant to carry out other time-consuming tasks related to the business. Remember, you don’t need to go through everything alone.

Leave the administrative tasks to someone else, so you can just focus on things that will let you achieve greater success. Virtual assistants can provide you with the best business service irrespective of their location. They can utilize technological advancements, and make sure everything is running smoothly! We haven’t even gotten to the best part yet – you can just pay for their hours of work when you need it! This allows you to streamline your operations while staying cost-effective.

But you might be wondering, what are the tasks commonly outsourced to a virtual assistant or VA? That’s where we come in! Take a look at our list below:

Data Entry

This one is a laborious task, but no business can survive without it. There’s a lot of information that needs to be encoded in the system such as a database or personal records, minutes, files, decks, and many more. Well, a virtual assistant can be on top of this and save you the time of sifting through spreadsheets!


Email Management

Did you know that the typical worker spends 11 hours on average checking and responding to emails during a workweek? Well, that’s quite a lot of time for someone managing the business. You better put those hours to good use and just reserve them for the more strategic tasks. Start by delegating email management to a virtual assistant and giving them a rundown of how they should manage your inbox. The rule is to make sure that the inbox won’t get clogged, and that all emails (especially those that need immediate attention) are responded to.

It would help to have the virtual assistant follow a specific template when answering clients, sending out proposals to prospects, handling finance-related emails, or working on a tie-up. You may also create a rule on how and when you should whitelist, blacklist, or forward specific emails!


Answering Calls

Virtual assistants know that it is important for businesses to keep phone lines active all the time to ensure they are not missing out on any opportunities. One call could change a business in so many ways. You can have someone respond to any incoming call, or note down all important messages so you can just get an update about it at your most convenient time.

Depending on your work arrangement, the virtual assistant could also operate even during hours when you’re sleeping.


Payroll Management

Keeping track of an organization’s payroll process is more tedious than it seems. You need to have a good virtual assistant to handle this labor-intensive process and make sure all employee salaries, bonuses, and taxes are accounted for. On top of that, they need to ensure that they are complying with various legislations.

With the advancement of technology, a virtual assistant could utilize various cloud accounting programs for payroll management!



Market Research

Conducting competitive scans and market research is vital to make sure your company is ahead of the game. Have a virtual assistant work on it regularly so you know how to strategize, and improve your product or service!

You can just schedule check-ins for the research, or have a monthly meeting to discuss and validate the information. It’s best to have the marketing and operations teams join too so they would directly know how they can function better. The virtual assistant could explain it to the whole team in an easy way!


Social Media Management

What kind of business doesn’t utilize social media? If you have a virtual assistant at your disposal, you can use their brilliance to make sure you are engaged with your customers online! You can decide how they want to manage your platforms. Do you want them to respond to the customers through chat and comments? Perhaps, you want them to build a content calendar and schedule all posts for your business! That is possible too.

A virtual assistant can very well serve as a social media manager and set you up for online success. Remember, this part is not to be overlooked!


Content Writing

Did you think a virtual assistant’s work is limited only to email management? That’s where you’re wrong! One can also work on content writing, and craft articles related to your business. Ideally, they should have expertise on relevant topics, and be dedicated to the content writing process.

Depending on your requirement, your outsourced writing task could be about a technical or simple topic, but should be up to your satisfaction! Delegate the task to the right person, and you’ll have a meaningful message delivered to your audience!



It helps to have a virtual assistant work on your important presentation especially if you’re time-crunched after all that strategic planning and other operations-related tasks! You can ask them to give you a brief once it’s ready, and be on top of it during D-day! Now, isn’t that more efficient?


Calendar Management

Double booking is a possible scenario if you have a lot of things on your mind. Have your virtual assistant work on your calendar for you so you can just be updated on when and where you’re needed before you start your week. This will clear up a lot of your time!


There is no doubt that outsourcing tasks to a virtual assistant is one of the most cost-efficient ways to go about your business. They can help give you a competitive edge without burning a hole in your pocket, and that’s every businessman’s dream!

What now?

Now, it’s time to talk to us! Send us a message and see how we can be of help. We specialize in providing reliable and competent virtual assistants who can become assets for your company.

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Outsourcing Animation Services to the Philippines

Outsourcing Animation Services to the Philippines

Outsourcing Animation Services to the Philippines

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Do you have plans of elevating your online presence and making your visuals for social media or corporate more impactful? An animator can help you with that! Businesses are always looking for ways to get ahead of each other, and this is the key to standing out.

Animation is a technique used by creative individuals to turn still elements or photos to look like moving pictures. With this, you’d be able to improve the visual marketing aspects of the business and even influence engagement and conversions.

Whether you are a global company or a small agency excited to bring about change, it doesn’t have to cost you everything you’ve worked so hard for. One way to do it is by outsourcing animation services to the Philippines, which costs better than building a local team.

What is Animation and why is it important for your business? 


If you are an advertising person, then you’re most probably already familiar with animation including its benefits to a business. It has been around since the 1800s but it wasn’t widely used in the 1900s. 

Technology advancements paved the way for it to gain bigger popularity. Plus, it is now accessible to many artists across the globe. With animation, you can create a better story, build an immersive experience, and show visually delightful material. 


Animation has many benefits to a business: 


You can reach a bigger audience

Think of animation as a more creative take on your advertising materials, so it makes sense that it’ll appeal better to your target audience. Whether you are targeting kids, teens, or adults – with the help of animation – then you have the chance to stand out and leave a memorable message. If you can grab that opportunity, why waste it, right? 


You can easily explain complex ideas 

You can’t just bombard your audience with all words or photos. Sometimes, it’s better to animate it so it’s more understandable. Don’t you think so? You can even create a good narrative and deliver better storytelling with the marriage of visuals, sound, and copies! 

Think about it this way – how are you supposed to resonate with your audience and effectively show how incredibly vast the ocean is or how gravity works? You can do so with animation! Isn’t that neat? 


You will stand out 

There is no doubt about it – content is king. You don’t stand a chance if you are a boring marketer in a world where every business is trying to be as entertaining as possible. Engage with your customers better by using animation and making sure you leave an impact. Don’t settle for getting your message out there. It needs to be meaningful to drive influence and change. Let your customers come to you and love your brand. 

Animation brings a different level of creativity and has the ability to cut through the noise. This enables you to stand out, and gives the business its competitive advantage. 


Where can businesses use animation?

In this day and age, animations are more likely to be used on social media. Some people also utilize it for their paid campaigns to convey their message to a bigger audience.

If you outsource animation services to the Philippines, then you get to build your own creative team who can do anything from small social media posts to full-length films or ads!

The team can work on numerous projects – big or small – to make sure you achieve maximum success. Some examples include:

  • Social media posts
  • Animated GIFs
  • Corporate explainer videos
  • Infographics/ educational content
  • Interactive brochures
  • Computer games or apps
  • Short series or films
  • Corporate training and modules
  • TV or digital ads
  • Special effects and many more…


You may also be looking at more advanced works. If that’s the case, some of the most common animation outsourcing services include:

Game Assets
There are many high-graphics games developed on a regular basis, and each company is motivated to produce visually astounding games. Some companies work on this in-house, or partner with various game studios through outsourcing.

2D Animation
You will see 2D animation in all kinds of media and entertainment these days such as films, advertisements, mobile apps, websites, and even TV shows.

3D Animation
Talk about the realistic level of animation you usually see in movies. With 3D, there is a certain depth, which is why the characters and objects appear almost life-like. A company would want to work with the best animators for projects requiring 3D animation.


Animators’ qualifications and experiences: 

When getting an animator, you should keep an eye out for individuals who possess the following: 

  • Bachelor’s degree or certificate in Multimedia Arts, Visual Communication, Animation, Art Education, or Fine Arts
  • High attention to detail 
  • Storytelling and character development techniques 
  • Proficiency in various animation software platforms such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Animate, Adobe After Effects, and Autodesk Maya among others 
  • Ability to work well with a team and beat tight deadlines 
  • Receptiveness to direction or feedback


Are you looking for competent and reliable animators for your next big project? 

Outsourcing to the Philippines for animation services can help you in your goal of engaging the mind and feelings of your audience. Companies surely have to keep up with the demand if they want to stay ahead of the competition! 


Here are some of the benefits you can get from outsourcing to the Philippines: 

  • When you outsource your animation services to the Philippines, then you will enjoy reduced operation costs by up to 70%. Who would say no to getting the same efficiency and quality, similar to when you build an actual team in your office? Well, we are all about the most cost effective solution there is! 
  • A great team of animators who can work on your projects using the necessary programs, and tools, and ensure maximum success. 

What are you waiting for? Don’t be left with the dilemma of choosing the best animators. 

All it takes is a simple email or message then we can set you up! 

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Outsourcing Social Media Marketing Services to the Philippines

Outsourcing Social Media Marketing Services to the Philippines

Outsourcing Social Media Marketing Services to the Philippines

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When it comes to connecting and engaging with customers and potential customers, there is no doubt that winning on social media is on every company’s plan. Social Media Marketing allows businesses to build and improve their online presence, engage with customers, provide responsive customer service, increase awareness of the products and services, and increase profitability!

If you are looking to up your social media marketing strategy and eager to build a new team of social media experts, then look no more. We can help you find the best individuals to be on top of your online communities. That’s right! From branding to content creation, and maintenance, consider us your one-stop shop.

Outsourcing to the Philippines will give you access to a solid team of social media marketers that are creative, reliable, and are value-adding to your business.

What is Social Media Marketing? 


By the name itself, Social Media Marketing refers to the promotion of a company or brand through “social media.” It allows them to build their name online, drive traffic to websites, engage with a community of followers, share content, and many more! The great thing about it is that they can reach even potential customers. 

Many customers also usually use social media platforms to air out complaints, or just be heard. With this, companies are able to conduct social listening, and use the feedback to respond, or improve their ways and products. 

The popular apps used by brands are Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Tiktok, LinkedIn, among others. 

What are the benefits of Social Media Marketing? 

We know that you already understand the importance of social media marketing, but just in case you need a refresher, you can take a look at our list below! 


With Social Media Marketing, you can….


Build the brand’s presence online 

This already goes without saying because you’re in social media to increase your online presence. Gaining brand awareness and recognition is always the first step to success. When customers are captured and nurtured properly, they can provide your business profitability and loyalty unlike any other. 

Social media gives you that chance for a first step. You can easily put your brand in front of people, with the option to take things to the next level by boosting your posts. Make sure you are present and active in all the important social media apps to effectively engage with your customers! It also helps that you are consistent with your branding to have a solid presence. 


Understand the interests of your market

If you want to reach your customers effectively and capture their attention, then you need to know what they are interested in! One of the best social media marketing ways is social listening, and this allows you to take a closer look at your audience’s interests, and identify the trends that they like. What’s next? 

You can use this to adjust your communications strategy, get insights on your products and services, or address urgent pain points that are shared online. This should be done on a regular basis. 


Build customer loyalty 

What if you have the opportunity to build your brand and do it for free? That’s exactly what you can enjoy with the power of social media! Customer loyalty is important for every business, and it starts with customers following and interacting with the brand. 

Some strategies to keep your customers engaged and happy is to respond to them in posts, run mini contests with rewards, offer special promos, and regularly communicate your brand benefits and other relevant messages to them through your pages. It is also a fact that 90% of people say they buy from brands they follow on social media.


Spy on competitors 

There are millions of people using social media apps on a daily basis. This includes you, your customers, and of course, your competitors! Since you’re already utilizing the platforms, it only makes sense for you to do a digital scan to see how you fare against your competitors. 

Analyze their behavior, as well as the type of content they post. Do they have monthly promos? Do they have an active influencer promoting the brand? Are they inactive online? These are only some of the questions that need to be answered. From there, you can strategize properly on how to win or win back customers. 



Build a powerhouse social media marketing team today! We can help you find the best individuals who can take on the following roles: 


  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Social Media Strategist/Planner 
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Social Media Manager
  • Content Writer 
  • Community Manager
  • Public Relations Brand Manager
  • Director of Social Media 


Focus on the more complex tasks at hand and leave the job of finding experienced and reliable social media marketers to us! 

Outsourcing to the Philippines for Social Media Marketing services can ensure that your company improves its overall online presence. We aim to help you scale your business, and you are only one click away from getting the support you need! We can easily tap into our roster of part-time, full-time, or freelance dedicated individuals that will propel your company to greater heights! 


Here are some of the benefits you can get from outsourcing to the Philippines: 

  • When you outsource your social media marketing services to the Philippines, you get to enjoy reduced operation costs by up to 70%. What does it mean for you? You’ll still enjoy the same efficiency and quality, similar to when you build an actual team in your office, but the great thing is you maximize your savings! We are all about giving you the most cost-effective solution, without really degrading the quality of the work that needs to be done. 
  • Get access to a solid team of social media marketers that are creative, reliable, and are value-adding to your business.

Social media marketing will help you efficiently communicate with audiences at scale, and increase profitability. With the right team, that’s definitely possible! 

Are you ready to elevate your online presence? Feel free to send us a message to learn more! 

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These 10 World-Popular Brands Outsource Their Business Operations and Have Seen Greater Success

These 10 World-Popular Brands Outsource Their Business Operations and Have Seen Greater Success

These 10 World-Popular Brands Outsource Their Business Operations and Have Seen Greater Success

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Outsourcing isn’t a new thing. It has been around since the late 80s but only continues to be more prominent now as businesses find a more efficient way to thrive with the rise of labor costs in the global marketplace. The term “Outsourcing” refers to the process of having third-party service providers complete specific business functions. This function could be anything covering Accounting, IT, Customer Service, and many more!

Once upon a time, outsourcing was an option only for multinational corporations. However, many businesses of various sizes have now seen its key benefits, and have since tried it out!

What are the benefits a company can get from outsourcing its operations?


That’s a really good question!

Let’s just say it marries flexibility and efficiency, shall we? If you are a business owner who would like to spend more time doing whatever you are good at, or what you need to focus on, then it makes sense that you prioritize that. However, that doesn’t take away the fact that there are still numerous tasks that don’t play to your skills but still need to be done. With outsourcing, you can enjoy maximum efficiency because you’ll be left with tasks that are within your skill set while having equally competent people handle other tasks.

That sounds familiar. Isn’t that just like the typical business set-up where you have employees work on their tasks?

Yes, basically you have your “employees,” but the only difference here is that you have more flexibility. This is one of the major highlights of outsourcing because you get to turn a fixed cost into a variable cost. For instance, you don’t have to pay for a person’s full-time salary. Instead, you will only be adopting a pay-what-you-need service. When you outsource, you have greater flexibility and savings, which results in freeing up more cash and using it as an investment in other parts of the business.

Outsourcing is a good way to access top talent while maintaining your core team (full-time employees), reduce expenses and management load, as well as scale quickly!

With these kinds of benefits, it’s no doubt that the biggest companies are also utilizing outsourcing to the fullest! Here are some of the 10 world-popular brands that outsource their business operations. They have seen greater success and just might inspire you with your strategic decisions: 



Everyone knows Nike – one of the world’s most extensive athletic footwear and apparel companies. It has over 73,000 people and currently has over 1,000 stores around the world. 

In order to scale to its size now, it chose to outsource the manufacturing process to different contracted plants in Asia namely the Philippines, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Taiwan. This helped the company further increase its margins, reduce inventories, as well as price markdowns. Surely, Nike reaped the benefits of being an early adopter of outsourcing. In 2021, their revenue was recorded to be $3.6 billion, which is higher than $2.9 billion 5 years earlier.



It only makes sense for a super app to outsource its services, right? This app had a humble beginning because it had to keep development costs low from the onset. An iOS developer by the name of Igor Solomennikovwas contracted to develop its early version, and it took some time before the independent contractor was a full-time employee! 



When it comes to technology, Apple definitely rings a bell. The California-based tech giant, and its genius founder Steve Jobs, is behind famous products such as iPhone, iPad, and many more. They couldn’t have become one of the most valuable companies in the U.S. with a market cap of over $2.75 trillion as of March 2022, if not for the strategic decision of outsourcing. 

The company keeps all designing in-house, but it is known information that they outsource specific operations such as procurement, manufacturing, and software audit to different partners across the globe. 



Yes, even this social website that focuses on employment has thrived because of outsourcing. Millions of people use this app, so the company decided to leverage on outsourcing customer support to partners abroad. This (along with Microsoft’s acquisition of the platform), led to its exponential growth and has over 800 million users worldwide today.



Staying on top of the global market is an ever-present challenged faced by the biggest companies. One of the most trusted brands in the biopharmaceutical industry is Pfizer, and it has also positioned itself as a vital player in the global vaccination drive against COVID-19. Pfizer has seen global success by outsourcing some business aspects beyond its expertise such as data management and sales. On top of that, they also had to outsource research and development. 


Facebook Platform



One of the top businesses across the globe is the social networking site called Facebook. There’s only a little chance that you don’t know about this brand because almost everyone uses this. This platform outsourced customer support, content moderation, and even IT services since 2016 to various countries including the Philippines.

With this strategic move, they are able to focus more on the programming services of the business and acquire other platforms. 



This huge American technology company is focused on search engine technology, online advertising, and computer software, among others. Back then, it was just the top search engine, but it has propelled itself to new heights and successfully expanded into various ventures. One of the things that contributed to its success is outsourcing. 

In fact, the Manila office is one of the primary drivers of its success in the Asia-Pacific region. 



How does this company continue to offer low prices for its products? Well, you guessed it right. They rely on manufacturing plants in China to make most of their products. 

Not only that, but they have also decided to outsource other operations, such as finance and accounting to a New York-based company!


Procter & Gamble

One of the leading multinational consumer goods companies apparently outsources many parts of its operations. No surprise there! Procter and Gamble decided for their core team to focus on innovation and synergy, and leave other tasks related to sales and facilities management to their partners. This led to the company’s success despite the pandemic, even getting a jump from the $71 billion in 2020 to $76 billion in 2021.


Coca Cola

This popular beverage company outsources the bottling of its products around the globe through outsourcing. In fact, they have over 200 partners around the world to handle this task. This includes Philippines-based bottling and distribution partner, which also has 19 brands manufactured in 19 plants and distributed nationwide.




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