Get the Right People for Your Company: Outsource Talent Acquisition to the Philippines

Get the Right People for Your Company: Outsource Talent Acquisition to the Philippines

Get the Right People for Your Company: Outsource Talent Acquisition to the Philippines

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The first step to having top talents propel the company to greater heights is acquiring them, and tell you what – that is no easy feat! Right now, talent scarcity is a growing risk, and it is something felt by companies across industries.

According to WTW’s analysis of U.S. Census and Bureau of Labor Statistics data: Despite overall population and labor force growth, there is a decline in the labor force from 2010 to 2020 in age groups 16-24 (the historical entry-level talent pool), as well as 45-54 (the historical leadership talent pool). This problem started before the pandemic, having gotten the same results even when analyzed from 2010 to 2019.

To combat any shortage, and make sure the company is getting the right people on board, there needs to be a strong talent acquisition team dedicated to doing just that!

Talent Acquisition – What if you’re doing it in-house?

In case you didn’t know, one of the biggest reasons why companies outsource their talent acquisition team is so they can save big on other fees that typically go with recruitment. This includes online job placements/listings, and even screening costs! It’s not uncommon to find companies that double the function of Human Resources and Talent Acquisition, but that kind of overlap may pose some challenges along the way.

The top challenge is the quality of hires getting affected. If you have an in-house talent acquisition team dedicated solely to approaching recruitment more strategically, and building a strong and diverse workforce, then you will see your company’s success!

Imagine if you can outsource it and save more. That’s the dream, right? By outsourcing to the Philippines, you can have a top-notch Talent Acquisition team work on finding and retaining qualified recruits at a lower price. Just have an alignment to ensure that the positions that you need to fill in are up to your standards, and according to your needs.


What is the role of the Talent Acquisition team?

When it comes to getting the best people for your company, you can surely rely on a quality Talent Acquisition team to do the job. They are responsible for identifying not just the needed specialists, but those who can potentially be future executives for your organization. Instead of short-term, they focus on long-term. Now, isn’t that what you want?

With this, they’d be more helpful with your company’s tougher positions to fill.


Responsibilities of a Talent Acquisition team

Do you need clarity as to what keeps this team busy? You might already be familiar with some of their responsibilities, but take a look at below as a refresher:

  • The specialists under this team regularly coordinate with the hiring managers to staffing needs
  • They help design the job descriptions and interview questions that best fit each needed role
  • They determine the selection criteria, including the interview, screening, and assessment procedures
  • Spearhead the task of sourcing candidates (they are usually around various platforms and other professional networks)
  • The team also conducts various assessments for applicants using an applicant tracking system
  • They are active in organizing and attending job fairs to get the best people and expand their networks
  • They lead the forecasting for hiring needs per department. Depending on the company’s requirement, this may be on a quarterly or an annual basis


Benefits of outsourcing 

Outsourcing talent acquisition to the Philippines may be something that your executive team needs to discuss more than once. To better support that proposal, you can also take a look at some of the benefits should you finally decide to take this route: 

Increased Efficiency

Hire strategically instead of simply hiring. Your company can benefit from an outsourced talent acquisition team’s technology and resources. They have the best tools to use, and this results in finding more talent in less time.

Industry know-how

A talent acquisition team would more likely be exposed to the industry compared to a simple recruiter. They would know the current changes – may it be demographic, or competitive, so they can modify specific strategies. With this, you can take advantage of their market intelligence and how they can use it to bring about quality hires for your company.

Lower cost

We already touched on this topic not too long ago, but it’s worth mentioning again. Outsourcing a talent acquisition team is relatively cheaper than conducting internal recruitment. The latter takes longer so it costs more money.

Source, attract, and interview candidates to find the best match for your company! 

We are all about fulfilling your long-term needs. Build a powerhouse talent acquisition team today by outsourcing to the Philippines! 

KamelMedia is a trusted company for outsourcing to the Philippines. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your goal, and reaping the benefits of quality talent acquisition. Are you interested? We bet you are! 


Some of the benefits you can get from outsourcing the talent acquisition team to the Philippines include:

  • Reduced operation costs by up to 70%. Can you believe that you can create meaningful change for your business without burning a huge hole in your pocket? One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing is saving up on expenses. By outsourcing, you are passing on the training, security, and other overhead to our team.
  • Choose if you want a whole talent acquisition team, or if you need specific roles filled in. Either way, we’ll make sure to partner you up with the best people so you won’t have to worry about talent shortages in your company. 
  • Topnotch professionals who are experts in determining the requirements for various roles in the company, and have the ability to keep up with industry trends in order to make the right hiring decisions.


If you would like to learn more about the process of outsourcing a talent acquisition team to the Philippines, don’t be shy to message us! We’d be more than happy to help you out with your requirement, and offer a free quote for your review. 


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Accelerating Digital Transformation: Outsource Your AI Team to the Philippines

Accelerating Digital Transformation: Outsource Your AI Team to the Philippines

Accelerating Digital Transformation: Outsource Your AI Team to the Philippines

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The technological advancements from recent years revolutionized how business and life works. From shopping, and working, to transportation, and construction, all our tasks have become easier!

One of the best technological advancements that aid our day-to-day lives is Artificial Intelligence or AI. This pertains to the ability of a computer system to complete tasks that were previously only done by humans. Not only that, it has the capacity to absorb, interpret, and make complex decisions based on millions of data points, which makes it far more efficient. AI also has the capability for reasoning, learning, planning, and creativity, making it useful across all industries.

With artificial intelligence’s rapid growth, the demand for professionals with knowledge and skills for AI also continues to grow. Combine cost-effectiveness and competency by outsourcing to the Philippines! We have a pool of reliable and professional AI staff who can help you make the most out of machine learning!

The promising field of AI 

Being in the artificial intelligence field can be pretty challenging. You need to deal with lots of complex data, and also need to supervise an AI’s learning process to reinforce good decisions and discourage bad ones. With this, you need a dedicated, knowledgeable, and highly-experienced team who are as passionate as you about technological advancement and how it can be utilized for your business! 


Outsourcing different AI Roles 

The demand for professionals with the skills to handle AI-related tasks continues to grow by the day. Be ahead of the competition and build a powerhouse AI team to work on your projects! Here are some of the experts and roles – including non-technical roles – that you can outsource to the Philippines: 


AI Architect 

You need someone to create and manage architecture using the most advanced AI technology foundations. Combine that with a person who has the ability to present practical, effective, and easily understandable solutions to your customers, and you have a fantastic AI architect on your team! 

AI Architects are expected to be well-versed in various AI-related tools and be skilled enough to adapt quickly to new developments so they can use the right technology for different projects. After all, companies will give them the task to envision, build, and operationalize machine learning (ML) and AI pipeline. They also need to collaborate with team members from data scientists to the security team. 


Data Scientist 

Now that we mentioned data scientists, let’s focus on that! They often have a knack for digging into systems to find and use relevant datasets to create patterns and solve problems. From data mining to data cleaning, and analysis, you bet they can handle all the tough work! 

Data scientists will also collaborate with various AI staff such as engineers, analysts, and more. Not to mention, they are expected to provide insights to business stakeholders in a digestible way. 



Data Engineer 

If you have individuals looking for the “what,” then you also need people to work on the “how.” This is where a data engineer for an AI project comes in! They are briefed about the ideas and insights from scientists and come up with solutions to various problems. They do so by developing scalable and reliable APIs that can be sourced into applications, and MVP applications that have everything right from model development to model testing.

A data engineer can help develop and maintain architecture using leading AI frameworks.


Machine Learning Engineer 

Let’s first define machine learning or ML. This term pertains to the subset of artificial intelligence wherein the machine runs simulations with the data it has been given to produce accurate results.

In order to be effective as an AI team, a Machine Learning Engineer is needed so he or she can deal with complex data and apply predictive models. They build and maintain various machine learning initiatives so companies can get high-quality data and solutions on autopilot. 


Product Manager 

What’s the next step after extracting data? How do you tackle problems on the project? All these questions and more can be solved with a reliable Product Manager who is skilled in estimating organizational impacts stemming from data interpretation and analysis.  



There is a lot of talk about AI – whether it’s about replacing humans in various fields, or issues on privacy. A strong AI team should have lawyers who are well-versed not just on how AI is being used in the company, but across all industries too. These lawyers will also help the team should there be any new laws, or if they are failing to abide by laws on algorithmic decision-making.


NLP Engineer

This is someone who is skilled in human language, including spoken and written information. He or she usually works on NLP technology and handles tasks related to voice assistants, speech recognition, and document processing.


The world is embracing data and technology now more than ever. Build a powerhouse AI team today by outsourcing to the Philippines! 

KamelMedia is a trusted company for outsourcing to the Philippines. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your goal of becoming an industry game-changer with new products and experiences through AI. If you want to put together a high-functional team, don’t worry! We got your back! 

Some of the benefits you can get from outsourcing an AI team to the Philippines include:

  • Reduced operation costs by up to 70%. Can you believe that you can create meaningful change for your business without burning a huge hole in your pocket? One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing is saving up on expenses. By outsourcing, you are passing on the training, security, and other overhead to our team.
  • Option to hire various AI staff on a part-time, full-time, or freelance basis. Choose if you want a whole team, or if you need specific roles filled in.
  • Reliable professionals who are well-versed and experienced in the field of AI. 


What are you waiting for? Message us to get a free quote! We can help you build a solid and powerful AI team in no time. 

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Get a High-Functional Team and Outsource Software Developers to the Philippines

Get a High-Functional Team and Outsource Software Developers to the Philippines

Get a High-Functional Team and Outsource Software Developers to the Philippines

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In a study conducted by The Business Research Company, it is said that the global application development software market size grew from $260.79 billion in 2022 to $334.86 billion in 2023, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 28.4%.

Not to mention, we are living in an age where people have an appetite for apps that serve various functions such as entertainment, shopping, education, social, and more. This increasing demand for apps will only drive software development forward!

Keep up with the growth of this industry without exceeding your planned cost by outsourcing to the Philippines. Lucky for you, some software development tasks can be completed online, which means you can count on us to build your dream team!

Before we get started, what is software development? 

Let’s break it down. Software pertains to different instructions or programs that lay out the process on a computer. Simply put, it tells the computer what to do, and is completely independent of hardware. You might already be familiar with the different types of software, or perhaps you’ve already heard it when your IT guys were discussing it with a team.

The first type is system software. This covers core functions like operating systems, utilities, hardware management, and even operational necessities. Next is the programming software. This allows programmers to use tools such as debuggers, linkers, editors, compilers, and others that help them code. The third one is called application software and is widely popular as it helps users perform different tasks from media playing, and data management, to work or productivity. Lastly, embedded software helps control devices that aren’t exactly classified under computers. These are cars, telecommunications networks, and robots among others. 

Thus, the term software development refers to the set of computer science activities done to create, design, deploy, and support software. 



What kind of software developers should you keep an eye out for? 

We are all about helping you get the best people on your team. Our experienced and reliable software developers can handle different types of projects, and can handle anything and everything from Java to Python! 

Some of the roles that we can help you fill include: 

Software Engineers

These individuals use the right programming languages, platforms, and architectures, build systems, and also test and improve the other software of other engineers. When it comes to consulting, they might also be involved, and would regularly communicate with other engineers, clients, security specialists, and company stakeholders.


Software Developers

Software development isn’t a one-man job for a software developer, but you can say that these guys are also the heroes of a project, same with the other contributors! Software developers write code, build the software components, and would handle the testing of designs to see if there are any errors or other issues that need to be addressed. Their work doesn’t stop there as they also perform routine maintenance and upgrade/s as needed. 


Programmers or Coders 

You can leave the job of writing source code to program computers for tasks to the programmers or coders! Whether it’s routing communications, displaying graphics, or merging databases, they can help you with that! Programmers normally use programming languages like C++ or Java to carry out their tasks. 



What are some of the advantages of software development? 

When it comes to benefits, there are a lot! But let’s stick to the top and most obvious advantages of software development for your business. 


Data and Analytics

It is important for every company to gain valuable insights so they can better strategize on how to improve their products and services, as well as decision-making. This results in software developers being in demand to integrate advanced analytics capabilities into the company’s applications. Many companies today are using cloud-based services and APIs for easier data exploration and automated analytics. 


Artificial intelligence or (AI)

Machine learning is a completely powerful tool utilized by many companies today. This is because it is a good way to be ahead of the competition. With artificial intelligence, the software can emulate a human’s decision-making at a faster and more efficient rate. 


Build your dream team today! 

Do you need a software engineer to work on a project? Or perhaps a software developer or a large software development team, complete with managers and other support staff, is more to your liking? Whatever it is, we can help you with your need!

We believe that you can focus on the things that matter if you outsource the work to us and let us handle all the nitty-gritty! Scaling your company is already difficult enough as it is. Don’t let this one be another thing to keep you up at night! 

Software development tasks can be done remotely, and we can get the right people for your company, without you even lifting a finger. Now, isn’t that nice? 


We are driven by your success. Count on us for your software development needs today!

Getting reliable software developers is difficult, but not if you know the right people to help you with that. KamelMedia is a trusted company for outsourcing to the Philippines. With our help, we assure you that you can focus on scaling up your business even further. 

Don’t delay this any longer! Let us help you put together a high-functional team.

Some of the benefits you can get from outsourcing software developers to the Philippines include:

  • Reduced operation costs by up to 70%. It’s up to you to recruit as many software developers as you like. One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing is saving up on expenses. Our team will handle the training, security, and other overhead. We will melt your worries away! 
  • Option to hire software developers on a part-time, full-time, or freelance basis. You can also choose if you want a whole team, or if you need specific roles filled in.
  • Reliable professionals who are well-versed and experienced in various software development tools and solutions.

The journey to success starts today! Message us to get a free quote on software developers. 

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Outsource Your Engineering Team to the Philippines and Enjoy Increased Efficiency

Outsource Your Engineering Team to the Philippines and Enjoy Increased Efficiency

Outsource Your Engineering Team to the Philippines and Enjoy Increased Efficiency

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Keeping up with construction demands can be more stressful than you think. This is why the majority of companies today are outsourcing their engineering team to reap huge benefits such as overhead cost reduction and greater efficiency. They know that they can get talented individuals onboarded without compromising the quality of service done for each project.

If you need capable and reliable engineers to work on your requirements, this is where outsourcing to the Philippines makes sense. Based on a Euractiv report, Europe is facing a skills shortage related to engineering qualifications, and it has been a trend that has been evident for several years. Such a trend has also been observed more widely across the globe. By outsourcing, you will have access to a superb talent pool of engineers that have diversified skills and experience in the industry.

Building a powerhouse engineering team

You must be asking this question: “What are the different engineering roles I can expect by outsourcing to the Philippines?” The good news is there is a lot to choose from. Since you are building a powerhouse engineering team, we are already expecting that you have quite a few shoes to fill, and not just one. Here are some:


Civil Engineer

Firm up your construction plans and leave them to a professional. A civil engineer is a must because he or she can help with creating blueprints, solving technical problems, providing better visualization with CAD, as well as project research and development. Not to mention, a civil engineer shall be in charge of geospatial solutions. Lucky for you, the work completed by a civil engineer can also be done remotely. If you outsource to the Philippines, you won’t be sacrificing anything in your business as you can still get access to qualified professionals that have been carefully vetted.


Quantity Surveyor

When it comes to construction projects, you badly need someone to consult with the developers and give them the confidence to plan their projects with cost certainty. This role is done by a quantity surveyor, and truth be told, you can’t afford to start development without one. They help in completing feasibility studies, cost-benefit analyses, resource allocation, value engineering, and more.


CAD Operator

How can you clearly check a design if it’s high quality, and good against certain variables if it’s not properly laid out visually? A CAD Operator is good to have in a powerhouse engineering team because they help diagnose everything about a project before they create prototypes!


Structural Engineer

Reduce the demands of a construction project with the help of a professional structural engineer who is capable of project management. He or she shall be in charge of property inspections (assessment of work by contractors and sub-contractors), designing load-bearing structures, as well as facilitating the selection of the best construction materials. Their technical advice to builders will be most welcome to ensure the success of each project.




Having an experienced architect on your team can make all the difference in your project. He or she shall be in charge of various design tools such as AutoCAD and Revit among others to ensure that everything from start to end is covered. The architect will also handle the drafts of design development, as well as construction documentation.


Electrical Engineer

Well, you can’t really have a building without having practical applications of electricity in all its forms checked, can you? An electrical engineer is key to ensuring that the design, building, installation, and maintenance of electrical systems and equipment are in order, may it be for commercial, residential, or industrial construction projects.


Project Manager

It is the job of a project manager to effectively coordinate with different engineers and architects. They oversee the whole building process and is also responsible for obtaining needed permits, and materials, firming up contracts with vendors, as well as supervising manpower. A good engineering team will have a project manager to ensure all deadlines are met and all phases of the projects are covered.


Quality Assurance or Control Lead

Maintaining set standards is a bare minimum, more so if it’s a construction project. A quality assurance lead works to ensure compliance with safety and quality specifications. They should be able to evaluate construction plans and perform other tasks that will contribute to an injury-free workplace. Normally, a quality assurance lead prepares a QC or quality control plan, and regularly completes construction findings so that everything is covered throughout the whole building process. A quality assurance or control lead may be asked to represent the company in any matters related to quality.


Administrative Assistant

Some people think only those with technical know-how should be part of an engineering team. However, if we’re talking about a construction project, every role matters and this includes an administrative assistant who can effectively perform general office, clerical, and administrative tasks to support the engineers and architects. They are in charge of contacting vendors, contractors, and other construction services teams to ensure a smooth building process.

They may also be asked to complete forms (purchase orders, service agreements, etc) and organize files for the team.


When you outsource an engineering team, you are basically getting the aid of experienced individuals who will be dedicated to your organization alone, and you get to do it at a fraction of the cost! They may perform their tasks remotely, but their skillset won’t put you in a tough spot and you do not need to compromise on quality.


You can enjoy many benefits by outsourcing to the Philippines:

  • Reduced operation costs by up to 70%. You can build a powerhouse engineering team and just set up a streamlined process so updates and other important details for elevation are delivered fast
  • Access to experienced and capable individuals who will make sure your construction projects are successful
  • More savings (you won’t have to shoulder any onboarding, training, security, and other overheads)


What are you waiting for? You are one message away from building an incredible engineering team to complete your projects. We’ll be happy to provide you with an affordable quote!

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5 Common Data Entry Errors Faced by Companies

5 Common Data Entry Errors Faced by Companies

5 Common Data Entry Errors Faced by Companies

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All businesses know how powerful data is. It helps them pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of operations and processes, evaluate current performance, study trends, and understand customers better. Data helps a company uncover insights and guide the stakeholders’ decision-making. With this, they can grow even further and achieve success.

However, how sure are you that the data you have in your company is really “clean”? You know what they say. The only thing worse than having no data is working on incorrect data that might misdirect you. Make it a point that all information stored within the company is correct, uncorrupted, and complete from the moment it is created. Be stricter with your data entry processes. That way, you can use it to its full advantage!

Don’t lose value in your data by avoiding these common errors at all costs:


1. Incorrect data input

This is one of, if not already the most common, data entry error in every organization. Humans are prone to make mistakes. It is inevitable. However, incorrect data could actually lead to both short-term and long-term problems.

Wrong information is the worst nightmare of every data analyst. This is because it paralyzes their every step – from analysis to reporting. It would affect every decision or strategy that will come after, so it is highly important to make sure all data points are not just inputted quickly, but correctly. For data involving figures and financials, this is all the more crucial.

Example: Inputting 100000 instead of 1000000 (it could even be as simple as putting a decimal point in the wrong place).


2. Incomplete/omitted data

Some data entry specialists might find consolation in easily and quickly recording everything because that means their task would be over soon. Hopefully, not to the point where they leave out important details in a document. By having incomplete data, companies or key persons won’t be able to see the full picture, and cause them to act on a decision based on poor judgment.

Omitted data automatically leads to incorrect data, and you don’t want that, do you?

Example: Inputting: Company gets 10,000 USD in sales, instead of Company gets 10,000 USD in sales in 3 months, with 7,000 USD in marketing expense.



3. Transposition error

Here is another example of incorrect data, and it’s called a transposition error. Who knew an accidental swap or reversal between two digits could have such a big impact? This is exactly why paying attention to data entry can make or break a business! Human errors are to be avoided as much as possible!

The transposition error would most likely appear in various accounting, financial, or brokerage departments, as they deal with numbers a lot. When left undetected, your company might suffer from tragic consequences. Why is that? Take a look at our example below!

Example: Inputting 9,960,000 instead of 9,690,000. If the bookkeeper makes a transcription error, the resulting difference will have a financial effect. The silver lining is that it would be good if a marketer tracking the monthly sales makes this mistake. When he or she corrects it, then it would mean bigger sales for the company. However, that is not always the case. It is better to avoid a chain effect of inaccuracies to avoid troublesome issues. 


4. Duplicate data 

If you don’t have a systematic way of inputting and organizing data, then you are prone to have duplicate data. This happens when a certain item or data set is entered more than once in a document unnecessarily. Transfers between systems typically cause such error.

Some of the common duplicates include records with the same name, email, or phone number among others. When getting insights, it is important to make sure data is clean and ready so the management can make sound and accurate decisions. 

Example: Inputting the same addresses for two different customers. This would lead to inaccuracy, especially when it involves delivery of mails or products to those customers. 


5. Incorrect data formatting 

Sometimes, having clean data is not enough. What if you need to classify them under different categories for better analysis? Well, you can always rely on formatting tools to automatically do the job for you, but you still need to make sure that you have it right. Incorrect data formatting happens often than you think.

Example: Inputting all customer names under the address column 


Why are there data entry errors?

There are different causes for data entry errors! Here are a few examples: 

When speed is prioritized over accuracy (rushing data is never healthy!)

When the systems are not updated or fully functional (it's better to be ahead in the game with the proper systems)

When employees are not given proper training (the right employees with the right training can be your data wizards!)

When there are no data checks in place (humans are prone to mistakes, so it helps to have a buddy to check on data entries)

When data is not digitized, and is only recorded on paper (in this day and age, are you still relying on data recorded on paper? Come on!)

Some companies don’t give data too much importance and just have the marketing or sales department work on it as second priority task. However, there is power in delegation. If data entry isn’t exactly your strongest suit, you can opt to outsource it to professionals.


Are you looking for reliable data entry specialists?

  • Data entry specialists in the Philippines can help you scale your business. They are qualified, trained, and are experts in the matters of data management, and have experience using various automated systems. 
  • You can reduce operation costs by up to 70% without compromising the quality and efficiency of the data entry specialists. 
  • Outsourcing to the Philippines will give you access to highly-qualified individuals who can work freelance, part-time, or full-time. 


Leave the job to the experts and let your worries about data entry come to an end! We’ll make sure you have what you need when you outsource our data entry specialists. We are just one message away from providing you with the best service you could ever hope for! 


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A Strong Online Presence Takes a Lot of Work & Content: 4 Common Challenges Usually Faced by Marketers

A Strong Online Presence Takes a Lot of Work & Content: 4 Common Challenges Usually Faced by Marketers

A Strong Online Presence Takes a Lot of Work & Content: 4 Common Challenges Usually Faced by Marketers

Written by

In this day and age, customers care more about indulging and engaging with brands in a meaningful way instead of getting purely bombarded by “Buy this,” “For Sale,” or “Hire Us!” messages. They know you are selling a product or service, but what more can you offer them? If you can excite, entertain, or educate them, then you are on the right track!

This is where content marketing comes in, and we can’t stress how ridiculously important this is for a business. It’s a powerful marketing strategy because you can establish your brand authority, make an impact, educate about a product or service, push an ongoing promotion, and many more. Simply put, it’s more than just sticking to one communication and one visual. It’s putting out a variety of relevant and entertaining stuff that will ultimately make your customers continue supporting you.

As with all other marketing tasks, this isn’t exactly an easy feat. Here are some challenges faced by marketers in creating a strong online presence through content marketing:


1. Being consistent with the content

Perhaps your company is already familiar with the importance of content marketing to the overall success of the business. What’s next? You produce content and post it where your followers are, then you repeat the process. Are you considering the gap between your posts or are you simply putting out materials when you “feel like it?” There needs to be a clear and simple content strategy for your team to follow! Remember, this can make or break the business, so you might as well execute something that is not half-assed.


  • Monitor your competitor’s output. How often are they posting online? What themes do their content fall under – promotions, corporate social responsibility, or something entertaining?
  • Carefully plot needed details in a content calendar so you have a guide for the whole month.
  • Once you have the content calendar, make sure all posts are scheduled on time. You don’t want to waste the effort of the creatives team with the content. Be consistent with posting and don’t make it a one-time thing.



2. Repurpose content

You’ll be present on various platforms, so make sure you don’t come across as confusing to your customers. Do you have the same style and tone of voice on Facebook and Instagram? Don’t worry if there’s a small difference! The thing is – repurposing doesn’t literally mean posting on Instagram what you posted on Facebook. It’s not a copy-paste situation. Each platform also has different customer characteristics and they consume content differently.


  • Just make sure that the important elements as specified in your brand bible are present, and that you are taking into consideration producing content based on your target market’s interest, and the platform’s trends.
  • Repurpose content especially when you have a flagship campaign. It’s important to utilize different formats such as blogs, podcasts, videos, and photos.
  • Even if there are differences in the materials for various platforms, make sure it still looks unified when you put it all together. The goal, aside from increased exposure, is for your customers to easily know that this is the content from your brand.


3. Be present in the right channels

In line with repurposing content, one of the challenges faced by marketers is identifying the proper channels. Just because there are a hundred social platforms doesn’t mean you should be present in all. That is a total waste of time! Focus on where you could best connect with buyers so you can fish in the right pond. Otherwise, your content won’t resonate with anyone and you’d have wasted precious efforts.


  • Observe your customers’ online behavior and see where they are spending most of their time on. You can expect their presence on major platforms, but you might also uncover others!
  • Make sure the right content is posted on the right platform. Any form of disconnect might make them lose interest.


4. Creating high-quality content

Just because you are consistent with the postings on the right platforms doesn’t automatically mean you are doing a good job. You must have high-quality content if you want to beat your competitors. This digital strategy influences conversions, sure, but if you don’t have the right content to make it possible, then it is but a dream for your company.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution because the right content will also change from time to time. Some factors to consider include what is relevant to your company, what you want to highlight, as well as certain trends.


  • Determine the different content themes you plan to use: promotions, corporate social responsibility, engagement, games or contests, educational, etc. From this, you may break down further by adding various ideas under each theme.
  • Once you have the initial idea, you may also draft how it looks. What are some of the elements that could make it visually appealing? Refine and brainstorm with the creatives team, then let them do their magic.
  • You’ll be left with the posting on the right channel job after you have your content. The next step is to determine if it resonates well with the audience. For this, you want to see engagement from your customers such as likes, comments, or shares on social media. As for content posted on the website, you may take a look at bounce rate, time on page, and depth scrolled among others. These are indicators that what you are giving the audience is something of real value.


Some of these challenges can be solved if you rely on individuals with content expertise. These marketers should have the journalistic, creative, and technical skills to produce top-notch content.

However, if you cannot produce content in-house, and find it more flexible and efficient to outsource a content marketing team, leave us a message! We assure you that not a single second is wasted because we can take care of the recruitment and training just for you!

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