Professionally Outsourced Staffing Solutions

Working with KamelMedia in 5 Steps

Get to know us

We’re fun and easy to work with! Speak with one of our account managers to share your vision and goals. We’ll work with you to map out a custom plan to help you achieve success!


HR will begin recruiting the perfect candidates based on your needs. Candidates are heavily vetted in our interview process. All staff has at minimum a college degree and share your vision.

Perfect the Basics

We’ll work daily with you and your teams to perfect the basics, in preparation to exceed your expectations. Our goal is always to shoot for the stars!


 After the basic setup is complete, we keep a keen eye open for overlooked optimization opportunities and always seek to bring additional value to the table.


With a perfected process and both parties feeling confident, we’re free to scale more success from a strong foundation.

Kamel Media Services


Professionally Outsourced Staffing Solutions

Working with us is Easy

Price Breaks as you Grow

We incentivize and reward our customer’s growth with price breaks as your need to find more talent with us grows. Your success is our success!

High-End Infrastructure

Stop working with disappearing freelancers or unscrupulous outsourcing companies. Our facility is equipped with two fiber internet lines and a backup generator. 100% up time, guaranteed.

Pay as you Go

You can cancel anytime, no lengthy contracts obligating you to stay with us. We know you’ll love working with us, but if the need to leave arises, we offer month-to-month contracting.

Qualified Talent

We only hire the best of the best. The Philippines has a massive talent pool of highly skilled individuals regardless of your project verticle.

Your Schedule

Whether night shift, midday shift, or day shift we’ll work on your schedule regardless of the time zone. We’re dedicated to helping you achieve your vision 24/7!

We’re Managed

Not only do we have our finger on the pulse for amazing talent, but our account managers make sure your team is happy and productive. We take great strides to ensure our company culture is awesome. Happy employees make happy customers!

Kamel Media Services

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